How to Display Portraits- Part One

One of the things I hear the most from friends is “I have no idea what to do with these photos!” or “I don’t know how to display portraits!”  When you choose Eyesmiles Photography for your custom family photographer, you are not only going to receive beautiful, timeless images to choose from; but you will receive our customized services to help you design wall galleries, albums, announcements, etc.  Probably my favorite offering in our products line is the Soho Print and Grid Displays.  The Soho print is a finished print with a digital mat and beveled edges. It is a thick board-like material with a laminate finish. They are ready-to-hang and do not require any further treatment such as matting or framing.  The main reason I love them is because it allows my Denver and St. Louis families to easily combine both vertical and horizontal family portraits into one arrangement. It also allows them to combine images from several family and child portrait sessions into one display. The symmetry of the Soho prints creates a cohesive focal piece for the room, even with different backgrounds, seasons and clothing mixed together.  Finally, the nature of the square Soho print, makes it easy to switch designs around as your family grows. For example, you may start out with a Grid Six of newborn images in the nursery. When your baby grows and you have 6 month images, you may choose to take 3 of the Sohos and move them to a hallway, and add 3 more 6 month Sohos to the nursery.  The Sohos look wonderful in groups of 3, 4, 6 and 9.  Below are some mock ups I’ve done for clients as well as an actual photo of a St. Louis family who has hung multiple years of family portraits into one display.  For more information on our virtual design services or to book a session, visit