Fun on the Farm | Denver Family Photographer Fort Morgan

Last night I got to hang out with and photography some of my favorite Colorado kiddos and their farm animals! I have a billion sessions to blog. OK, not really a billion. More like 30. But still…!  I’m not much of a writer, I rather like to speak through portraits. But I’ve been told I need to write “at least 200 words” when I blog in order to reap the benefits of a blog, which is to bring more viewers to my main website, and ultimately, more lovely families like this to photograph. Soooooo, instead of blogging at least 200 words, I’ve been opting to blog zero words. Ha ha ha!! But thankfully, this awesome family’s session was enough to put me over the edge and blog. How many words am I at now? LOL!  For real though, I’ve been doing family photography sessions for these awesome people since the baby was born 5 years ago. They’ve always been troopers and made the drive down to Denver to see me. This time, I came up to their farm in Fort Morgan and boy am I glad I did. It was SO much fun! They have alpacas, goats, horses and donkeys. And 3 rough and tumble farm boys and a gorgeous farm girly.  I enjoyed taking portraits of each of the kids with their special animal. Sailor and CC the mare, Pilot and Brownie the goat, Bodhi and Luke the gelding, and Rocket with Taco the donkey. I’ve been enjoying traveling to various parts of Colorado this summer for family photography. I was recently in Estes Park, CO and Breckenridge, CO to shoot family photography sessions for some of my visiting St. Louis families. I’ll have to share those soon.