Denver Family and Maternity Storyteller Videography Session

The “A Family” has been trusting me with their family’s memories since they moved here 3 years ago. It’s been a pleasure being their Denver Family Photographer and watching their boys grow over these past years. Now they are welcoming a baby sister into the family and I was really excited that they asked Eyesmiles Photography to document this beautiful and exciting time in their family with an exclusive Storyteller Film.┬á Capturing their family in traditional still portraits as their photographer AND creating a beautiful short film as their videographer was so, so fun!! I can’t wait to meet their baby girl this month where I will be their Denver newborn photographer. Please enjoy their Storyteller Film below as well as some of my favorite still portraits from their session.

Think you may be interested in a Storyteller Session? Some of the questions I’ve been asked about them:

Q: Our family doesn’t have a “thing” like baseball or horses as a theme for a film. How can we tell a story if we are boring?

A: Your story is in your relationships with one another!! You absolutely don’t have to have a “theme” beyond the fact that you are a beautiful, ever changing family of unique people who love each other. I think documenting who you are to each other, right now…today…is a wonderful “theme” for any film. Like the lyrics to one of my favorite songs “The years are flashing by and everything will change. But way down deep inside – we all just stay the same.”

Q: My kids can be turds for photos. How on earth will they behave for a film?

A: If you’ve ever had a session with me you already know this but I’ll say it anyway. My sessions are SO not like a normal photo session. We are relaxed, we have fun, we play games. And somehow, even when you think it’s going terribly, I always get amazing images. I’m finding the same goes for films. Yes, there will be tantrums if you have younger kids. Yes, your son may throw dirt on your daughter and she may punch him in the nose for it. But these less memorable moments can be edited out of your final film. Also, audio is not part of your final film, unless I want it to be in certain moments. So don’t worry about it. I purposely filmed “hard families” all summer so I would be prepared for anything. Families with lots of kids, families with lots of YOUNG kids, families with lots of kids AND dogs, families with kids with special needs… I’m READY for your family, I promise!

Q: How long does a Storyteller Session take? How can you get quality portraits and a quality film?

A: As I mentioned above, we have done this for many “harder” families and we are good! On some shoots, I have a second videographer and on others, I do it all myself. I am great at what I do and I/we can do a complete Storyteller Session in about 90 min, give or take a little depending on the age and number of the kids. But we’ve done families of up to 6 in 90 minutes.