2015 Year in Review


Ten years! What an incredible ride I’ve been on. This is late in coming because 2015 was such a crazy ride that I’ve just recently slowed down enough to get it put together. Being a family photographer was never in the plans for me. In fact, I went to college for seven years and not once was “photographer” on my radar. I won’t say that college didn’t prepare me though! After all, I studied to be a zoologist and a pediatric nurse. I use knowledge from both in my daily interactions with my little clients. HA!!!
Being a small business owner has come with many unexpected challenges, but being a St. Louis and Denver child and newborn photographer has been one of the most rewarding careers I can imagine. I have been able to capture things like first steps (yes I actually caught THE first steps at a session), heartwarming moments between parent and child, the indescribable innate bonds between newborn twins, families newly grown through adoption, the love of mothers and daughters through 4 generations and many many other moments.
In this age of photography where it has become so easy for businesses to come and go, I pride myself in my ability to maintain a business model that allows me to stick around for a long time to come!! One of my favorite things is to watch families grow. I have so many families that I’ve photographed for the entire 10 years in business. One family has grown from a “maternity” session to a family of 6 over the past 10 years and I was fortunate enough to be trusted to capture each newborn as well as family sessions in between. The nature of my business also means that I am very much a part of the family’s trusted circle. Many times, I’ve cried along with a client as she learns her newborn session will need to be canceled due to loss. And many times, I’ve cried with those same mothers as I’m photographing other newborns later down the road. Newborns they never thought could be.  I’ve photographed knock-knee’d 8 year olds until they were stunning high school seniors; and chubby little cherub babies until they were star athletes. And I wouldn’t trade a second of it!
Please enjoy this look back at Eyesmiles Photography 2015 Year in Review. It features family, child and newborn images from Denver, St. Louis and Laguna Beach California. I even used a throwback song from the old days of flash websites with music playing in the background. This song was featured on my website from 2006-2009ish.  Blessed by Brett Dennen (permission received directly from the artist).  I am now booking for Spring 2016 in both Denver and St Louis. Visit www.eyesmiles.com for more information or to schedule YOUR family photography session.